University of Washington

The University of Washington campuses at Seattle, Bothell and Tacoma were the subject of two books on the school. "The Fountain and the Mountain" and "The University of Washington Experience".

UW Rainier Vista
The Quad is in the north end of the Seattle campus. In the spring it is visited  by thousands of students, families and onlookers when the cherry blossums are bloom in March.
William Gates School of Law
Student and instructor work on experiment at the School of Oceanography
Dean UW School of Nursing
Meany Hall
The Giant Kirsten Wind Tunnel at the University of Washington
Henry Art Gallery
Nuclear Propulsion Laboratory at the University of Washington Campus in Seattle.
Drumheller Reflecting Pool on the Seattle campus of the University of Washington.
The senior reading room at the Suzallo Library on the UW campus is by far the most amazing room I've ever been in.
The Sea Glider Drone is used by the UW School of Oceanography on experiements in the Pacific and under the polar ice caps.
The Suzallo Library at the University of Washington campus in Seattle
The southern view of the UW Bothell Campus
A students evaluates cell structures at the Molecular Engineering and Sciences building on the University of Washington Seattle campus.
The annual Windamere Cup on Lake Washington Montelake Cut.
UW  Women's Crew
U OF W at the Apple Cup in Husky Stadium
Huskies v WSU in the Apple Cup
The nortnern entrance to the Cascadia/UW campus in Bothell , WA.
Candian Snow Geese grace the scene at the UW  Crew  morning  crew practice.

The University of Washington

From two books, “The Fountain and the Mountain” and “The University of Washington Experience” this portfolio shows the school in it’s most beautiful and best light.”