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U.S. Air Force Photographer - across the globe and back.

Architectural Photographer - Los Angeles

Corporate/Industrial Photographer - Seattle and Beyond


Weekends For Two In The Pacific Northwest - A guide to B&B's in the Pacific Northwest by Chronicle Books.

The Fountain and the Mountain - by Norman Johnston, An architectural history of the University of Washington.

The University of Washington Experience - A book on student life at the UW by Tom Griffith.

Cooking Through Cancer - Treatment To Recovery by Susan Gins & Lisa Price

We create portraiture of people and buildings,

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Our services at STEWART HOPKINS PHOTOGRAPHY include corporate and industrial portraiture of your executive team, line employees and workers in the field. Along with architectural interiors, exteriors and aerial views of your facilities, we also provide studio images of the products and services you create. Our background in location assignment photography prepares us to deliver art that matches your brand messages. Working with advertising agencies, graphic designers, architects, and construction firms for a variety of corporations, we bring a wealth of talent to your shoot, helping you look your very best. We look forward to contributing to your next marketing piece. Call or email us today to discuss your project and schedule your photography.

THE WORK, is a collection of portfolios from several recent photo assignments. THE AMERICAN WORKER captures on the job portraits of our American workforce. ARCHITECTURE, interiors and exteriors of your facility and workforce. UNITED AIRLINES documents the installation of Winglets and Scimitars on a United Airlines 737. UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON, shows images from several years of assignments at the UW, including the book The Fountain and the Mountain, an architectural retrospective of the school written by Norman Johnston and The University of Washington Experience, an overview of student life on campus. SENIOR LIVING, is images of our aging population and the stories and contributions they've made in our lives. AGRICULTURE, a self-assignment, documents the people who grow our food in Eastern Washington. WW II VETS celebrates our living veterans and the stories they tell of that fateful time. IN PRINT, is a collection of published pieces including two additional books, Weekends For Two In The Pacific Northwest, published by Chronicle Books, is a guide to 50 B&B's from Ashland, OR to Whistler, BC and Cooking Through Cancer - Treatment To Recovery by Susan Gins & Lisa Price, a guide to healthy eating.

p: 206.240.9865

p: 206.240.9865

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