4x5 Press Camera.jpg

"You Can Be A Cook, An Air Policeman Or A Photographer!"

When I entered the US Air Force in early 1966, I was sent to Lackland AFB for basic training. I was given a series of tests to see where my talents lied. The counselor then presented me with three choices. He said, "You can be a Cook, an Air Policeman or a Photographer." Knowing that I didn't like KP duty and I didn't much like cops, i chose door #3. I was sent to Lowry AFB in Denver, CO for six months to Still Photography School. They handed me a 4x5 press camera with a bellows and a large flash on the side. I still remember the first day in B&W printing class. We were told to shoot a portrait of a classmate and then hand them the film holder of their images and get our portrait images from them. I went in the darkroom and 'souped' my shots. Afterwards I went into the print lab and printed my portrait. Slipping the paper in the developer to watch my image appear was spiritual experience. I was hooked and have stayed that way ever since.